Monday, December 29, 2014

Benefits of Tuna

Tuna is one of my favorite protein based foods. I choose to eat more fish than chicken and red meat. Tuna is PACKED with protein as well as a ton of essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. Tuna also contains omega-3s which can help prevent heart issues and provide our body with anti-inflammatories.


Instead of munching on chips and candy, find your favorite veggies and fruit to grab instead! If you don't buy and keep junk in your house, you won't eat it! Don't torture yourself and leave temptations in your house. Keep healthy options!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Booty Burn

Repeat Circuit 2 Times: (I did this after a full workout at gym)
- 30 bridges
- 30 single leg bridges (each leg)
- 30 side leg raises (each leg)
- 25 fire hydrants (each leg)

Chair Abs!

Repeat Circuit Until Exhaustion:
- 10 In & Outs
- 20 sec Hold
- 25 Side Raises (each side)
- 30 Up & Downs

Ab Workout

          Repeat Circuit 4 Times:
             - 3 up 3 down (repeat 10 times)
             - 25 laying flat sit ups
             - 50 side touches (25 each side)
             - 30 side plank touches (15 each side)



Thursday, July 3, 2014

15 Snack Ideas!

1. Celery w/ Almond butter(or PB) & raisins on top
2. Almond butter(or PB) in between two slices of bananas(mini sandwich & can make multiple from one banana
3. Turkey & cheese roll ups
4. Greek Yogurt Parfait (greek yogurt, sugar, honey, granola)
5. Sliced Apple w/ cinnamon (shake in a sandwich bag)
6. Sliced Apple w/ almond butter (or Pb)
7. Carrots/Celery w/hummus
8. Sliced Cucumber w/ vinaigrette dressing(shake in sandwich bag)
9. Sliced Tomato w/ feta cheese & olive oil
10. Popcorn (no not the buttery kind, I eat the smart food kind!)
11. Trail mix- Make your own!
12. Quest bars
13. Any nuts & seeds
14. Any Fruit & veggies
15. Protein Shake or Smoothie